Beneath the Emerald Star

by murderhorse

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released April 14, 1945

Special thanks to guests: James Paradowski, Matt Norfolk, Laurie Jean Viduski, Ashley Sprangers, Laura Gater, Hannah Fisher, and Carey Kammel.



all rights reserved


murderhorse Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Wrought Iron Dogs & Denim Gowns (Boise City, OK)
devil in the details
sickle to the lambs
knocking with the knots
of your calcified hands
elbows in the grave site
buried in the wood
beady little eyes
in an oversized hood
Track Name: JANUARY (the emerald star)
I saw a malaise upon the people of the emerald star
they just don't cry anymore
all wicked informed smiles anymore
no green or grain upon their fields
just linen twelve miles wide anymore
a grave matter of sink or swim
they are plotting a war I don't think we can win
like rats behind these walls
all hording above and around and again
all hording beneath and beyond and again
the salmonflies dying to know
Iron oxide sod upon this altar
the windows crossed a storm to come
a pint of lambs blood to paint this door
with wrought iron dogs & denim gowns
they will bury our cities and swallow this town/they are plowing the rapture along
slight of hand
round up the fathers
tearing child from house & home
as this renegade revival
beats like Satan's metronome
shame and shadow in the mirrors
sound from faces not our own
wheels & rust & water towers
blight & blotted sun
hallowed ground
Track Name: FEBRUARY (sleeping it off)
now they've tossed every attic and combed every field & stream and now they're dragging the lake
and they're calling the whole thing off if they cant find him by the end of the day
now they've hired an army of P.R. thugs to keep the widows lawyers at bay
and she's begging for one last look before they haul another body away
now they've hauled in a rabble of pushers, pimps, colluding with the devil below
and they're throwing the press all the useless scrap and bone of what they already know
now they stare at a mess of photos, names, and dates of what they already know
and they're squeezing the cons and the traffic cops colluding with the devil below
they'll never give him up
stepping on their heels and dropping eaves upon their every thing
close enough to know that they are capable of anything
now he's checking the hints from the adventists not present when the body was found
and he's thumbing the ash in the tire tracks at the chapel that burned to the ground
now he's suffering the rants of the suplicants while the agents await their demands
and he's dusting for phantoms and finger prints and impressions of alien hands
now he's grilling the pundits and publicists on the girls that he had on the side
and they're counting the rations of hot house faith
the rosaries and delicate lies
now he's bribing the mimes and the malcontents for the clamour that they're trying to hide
and they're begging the adders and alchemists on clues on when he's coming to life
they'll never give him up
and the spies and the operatives are rushing about
and they cant articulate what all the fuss is about
and the cops are busy with the mess of flushing them out
and I tire and I'm tired of all this fusing about
and they thank her very candidly for bringing him in
and he's back there in the drunk tank sleeping it off
and it's not enough to hold him on they're letting him go
and she's finally ha enough and now she's walking again
and the press has caught a tip and now they're phoning it in
and he's back out on the case and now he's stalking again
now he's tearing through the catalogs, hiding in the alleyways
interview the drag queens hooking on the west side
staring at the chalkboard taking it in
and he's greasing all the hands within the highway patrol
"we should take another look at..." is occurring again
and the mash and these amphetamines are taking a toll
they've instructed all the minutemen to fire at will
does it matter who the agency is trying to kill
now he's hiding in the catacombs, tearing down the waterways
interview the meth heads cooking on the north side
burning at the spoon and now he's using again
and he's caught another lead and now they're talking again
and it seems all of the pieces are beginning to fall
he's got everything he needs and they've said nothing at all
now he's totaling cars and he's filing reports
and the board is debriefed and we'll keep you informed
we'll discuss it again at the end of the year
when it's drowning in statistics, buried in a pie chart
Track Name: MARCH (a man came 'round)
milling fibreboard bibles to chisel a new truth
an evangelists litany in mind
(oh the dust when the man came 'round/we'll have answers to rehearse should the fervor settle down)
sane and sinner as scapegoat to trample under hoof
sailors trysts & polygamy in mind
it's the same sawtooth sermon of coveted wealth, coveted goods
covet the parishioners wives
and they're poisoning the sheets, swiping paychecks from the till
they've been powdering the bed sores and sizing up the wills
it's testament is weak
so constrict it at the roots
leverage the weight of a throng to kick it up and breathe it in
it's stature is meek
fit to shatter at the tooth
he shall braid a guilded noose to string it up and live again
iron pyrite and amethyst hidden in the tooth
an evangelists tyranny in mind
courting desperate youth fit for service in the field
the recidivists progeny in mind
it's the same jackboot sermon of coveted land, coveted wells
covet the solicitors wiles
and they're burning all the books, pulling medals off the shelf
it's been weeks since you could recognize a picture of yourself
Track Name: APRIL (light bulb swinging)
stand like Bolshevik bread lines
250 kelvin
police state communion
rustled out of their lair
burlap couches
brown skies
swill from chardonnay space bags
bourbon breakfasts
saccharin hugs
they're waking up, corkscrew quilts, crack of dusk, sleepwalk, silent alarm

we know you were there
so name your source we have the note
blood money
and silver tongues back to the scene

you can't prove it
we won't name him
hand written with a broken arm
we won't spill it we cut them out
hot wired with the door ajar

he's heard it 1000 time before
no one knows one iota of nothing
chapped lipped DNA
diet cola detox
let their god sort them out
it's a sacrament of holding cells, swiped shoelaces, mouths wide shut
now they're heading in, crack of dawn, trazadone, triumph of will

keep your lips sealed, eyes desperately closed
we'll keep testing the hairs, keep consulting the bones
with your stomach in knots, holding hostage your veins
the ol' "any old truth" will be all that remains/we'll take any old truth.
Track Name: MAY (pouring concrete for the slums)
every thing, everyone, every ever in the world
in a pyramid scheme
a pandemic of the one
drink the alpha, the omega
never never undone
breathe the ether of forever
of the everything to come
every hand in the plate, every patron in the womb
every deacon at the altar
epidemic of the one
of the water and the wine
of the body and the blood
from the end of the beginning
from the lever to the lung

cry black the well is bleeding
god forbid our stately home
should be laid to waste this summer
pouring concrete for the slums
fear the oil-man, the surveyor
golden shovel, deed, and gun
set the town aflame in rhythm
pouring concrete for the slums/it's alright; a mile to every man

every thing, everyone, every ever in the world
every hand in the safe
every matron in the tomb
every elbow in the grave site buried in the wood
every beady little eye in an oversized hood
and they never fall asleep
so they're never getting up
and they're gluing back the shards of the porcelain cups
and they're sewing at the sleeves, straight-jackets into one
at the advent of forever, the beginning of begun
Track Name: JUNE (shred your notes)
Track Name: JULY (size ten chaos)
the Vatican telegraphs the saviors agoraphobes
with serpent-tongued homilies on what he abhors
the junk mail stacked from the floor to the ceiling
never entertain the devil with your back to the door
spitting plutocrat parables at debutante balls
filling inchworm splinters into plagiarists lungs
the amoral majority is smelling a rat
better exit through the cellar while you still have your thumbs

draw a jet black canopy to shade this tight rope
keep your first born off the electorates side
a red tide cacophony begins at sundown
the threat will pass if you can keep from moving your eyes

lying with your faith lips down on the pavement
bleeding at the knee
head split wide open
running from the god-child trying to save you
tearing out your nails when there's no one around

all crumpled waxed paper on your liturgy battlefield
Awake and Watchtower on linoleum floors
leave the hard translation to the wisdom of autocrats
their harlots jewelry on the company card
and we're paid to forgive
strong-armed to forget
payday loans and pawn shops funding war chest alms
though the magistrate promised you a recall election
hold your tongue; don't hold your breath, it's just not in the cards
behind a wrought iron curtain they're enforcing curfew
citing hate-speak hymnals
read between the lines
it only took one signature to cut this tightrope
dodge the telepaths if you can keep from moving your eyes
Track Name: AUGUST (mortal, liar, demon, cleod, fiend, and friar)
at dawn the ocean began to mutter: "the air is getting thick out here," and that was the way of it
the sun greeted a cavalry of five and dime scoundrels and snake-oil supermen
stark-naked skeletons without a penny to their name
save the trillions stuffed in the cannibal coffers at the rear of humanity
rust red raindrops fall as foul flakes on dry tongues
the plains states, bone littered like toothpicks in greezer-bar dustpans
hosting the suspect alchemy of lard into gold
a lock-step yes-man authority
a parliament of misanthropes, philanthropes, lycanthropes, the aforementioned alchemist
divining rod arborists
cue tumbleweed, exit stage left
enter stage right:
the mortal
the liar
the demon
the clod
the fiend
the friar
the end

skin like leather
drunk of breath
the clairvoyant at the wheel
a sun behind the silhouette
the christening begins
the glory of his ministry
pink upon the wind
it took all of the handlers to debrief the child again
both crones and seven in the procession of the nine
she shudders at the judgment of a coven of her peers
she remembers, heavy heart, the first time she tasted snow
and mourns her explanation of it's absence to the young

you've donned a face that won't wash off
mirror, mire
water still
a scowl returned
blood on your hands it won't wash off
mortal, liar
demon, clod
fiend & friar
Track Name: SEPTEMBER (sickle to the lambs)
[({see track one})]
Track Name: Actions Are for Mortals; Patience is for Gods (Point Barrow, AK)
when an alabaster sun
sets beneath an emerald sky
and the bison turn to make their final run
when the devils nations rise
leave 'em by....
we will be, you and I,
good and gone
when we hear he masters scar
littered black upon the sky
and we live to see his rotten kingdom come
when the devils minions cry:
hang 'em high, hang em' high
we will be, you and I
good & gone
Track Name: OCTOBER (this means war)
this means war
tax and toll
tide and tallow
in the undertow
hem and harlot
cowl & coal
folding canyons
unto heights untold
this means war
soot for soil
silt & sorrow
swallowed whole
hound & hallow
heil behold
he will show you
what a god is for
this means war
stones to boil
horde and talon
fiend &fowl
dead for miles
time undine
folding mountains
into caves untold
this means war
blood to boil
souls for sale
plucked from door to door
blade and barrow
bane begin
nigh and narrow
hope to rare to live

blade and throne
rule of law
trial and tremor
since his time began
bought and buried
heil behold
shame and shadow
will be ours to own
lathe of time
hours, years
age and eon
naught but smoke & flame
skies to tear
wind & realm
god & devil
laughing at the helm
Track Name: NOVEMBER (a case of the vapours)
(this compass is a box of nails...........North is South,...East is West....., up...down,...,..we've learned a sparkling new shame in sled dog pelts.....,,this vile green glow grows at our backs.....soon I fear it will swallow the direction now but the other way.....)

faith fan flames virulent, vile
red, rose, red, spattered in snow
limb, life, limb, ever we crawl
trodden beneath the emerald star
Track Name: DECEMBER (bury your eyes)
we will fall straight through
endless ice and this nightmare undone
bury your eyes